How to apply for Paytm First Credit Card | Paytm First Credit Card

Paytm First Credit Card: Paytm has expanded the scope of its financial services. E-commerce payment system and digital wallet company Paytm has also issued its credit card. Paytm has partnership with Citibank to start this facility. Paytm CEO Vijay Shekhar Verma gave this information by tweeting that the Paytm First Credit Card has been started in association with Citi Bank. Paytm has started this through Visa Payment Network in association with Citibank.

Paytm First Credit Card will be valid worldwide

Paytm's first credit card will be valid worldwide. According to Vijay Shekhar Verma, chairman and CEO of Paytm-owned One97 Communications, this will lead to cashless payments. Many good offers will also be available on payment through Paytm First Credit Card during eating, travelling and shopping etc.

Special offers of paytm first card

(i) You will get unlimited Cashback of 1% which will be automatically credited to the card every month.

(ii) No hidden fees or charges.

(iii) A fee of Rs 500 will be waive off annually for purchases of more than Rs 50000 annually.

(iv) Valid worldwide

(v) Contactless enabled

You can apply like this way

Paytm customers will be able to apply for this card from their Paytm app. After the card is issued, they will get a Paytm promo code of up to Rs 10,000 for the first four months. However, to redeem it, customers will have to make a purchase of at least 10 thousand rupees. For this, you can also see the complete information about the transactions done through this card on the app of Paytm.

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