Difference between VISA, Master and RuPay Cards

What are the difference between VISA, master and RuPay cards

Nowadays people are using a lot of debit and credit cards. You will often see that logo of  VISA, master and RuPay on the debit and credit card. Do you know, what the real meaning of all of these ? If we use debit card, ATM card, or credit card, in place of hard cash, then this type of card is known as plastic money. Plastic money has a vital role in our cashless economy. Transaction with plastic money is cashless.

MasterCard MasterCard is an American multinational financial services corporation that provides payment gateway facility to most of the world’s banks by their card. The master card comes under Mastercard Incorporation. Its headquarter in New York, United States. This company was established in 1979 for inter bank transaction. Initially it used to monitor financial services in American banks only. It currently serves about 160 countries. It has also circulated other cards under it, Such as maestro card, cirrus card etc.

VISA card - VISA Inc. is an American multinational financial services corporation just like the master card. It was established in 1958. Its headquarter in  Foster City, California, United States. Debit and credit cards are issued by visa Inc. is used in many countries of the world. Many banks and financial institution offer their visa debit card to customers. The visa card also provides inter bank transaction facility like master card.

RuPay card - RuPay card is an Indian payment gateway, it is a domestic payment gateway or network. While master and visa provide international services, the RuPay is limited to just domestic services. That is, it can be used only in India. This card is launched by National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI). Rupay card was Started on 26 March 2012 to make transactions in India safe and fast. Every bank of India is using it today. RuPay card is made in India and its use is also limited. It can not be used for transactions abroad. However, the master card and visa card can also be used abroad. It is released by the American company.

The use of RuPay card is considered more secure than visa and master card because it is operated by the Indian server and its data processing is also in India. There is no possibility of data theft in the RuPay card.
If you have to make any kind of online fund transfer out of India or to pay to any international company, then you should choose a visa card that will be easy for you to make an international payment. Rupay card is currently available only in debit card, while VISA and master card are available in debit and credit card.

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